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Thread: Adsense Modules in Joomla

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    Adsense Modules in Joomla

    I found some modules for adsense for joomla sites that asks us the adsense Id and other parameters. It creates code itself to publish on the page that appear. Is it safe to use those modules? Adsense says we can not make any changes on the add codes it provides, does the code generated by those modules are valid?

    Please post your experiences.

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    I don't think it's a issue. Compare the auto generated adsense code from the module with an actual ad code generated from your adsense account. They should be exactly the same (except for some parts like the Channel name and adspot dimensions, obviously).

    If you want, post the adsense ad code generated (in that module) here.

    Btw, the 'Ad Revenue Sharing' addon / modification for vBulletin also employs a similar technique (of asking the publisher ID only and then automatically generating the ad code), and many Forums have implemented it without any issues.

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    By default, the Google Adsense module is displayed in “Homepage content”,
    but you can transplant or move it to other pages or different parts of the same page.

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