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Thread: Backup People!

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    Backup People!

    Some people pick a daily backup, but some people don't and rely on their hosting provider. After what happened with Kovich, I decided to backup all the websites I have and I'm feeling better now

    Even if HostGator would remove my backup now, than I could still solve most of the problems with this backup.

    Before the same sh*t happens with you, update everything.. now
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    You should be able to trust your hosting provider. After all, you're paying for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    You should be able to trust your hosting provider. After all, you're paying for it.
    Well, I'm trusting my hosting provider, but after what I've read from Kovich it's good to have a pretty recent backup (I won't backup everything daily, but everytime something important was changed )

    There is a quote that says:
    Know that people will rely on YOU, but rely on NOBODY
    So that's pretty much why I've backed it up now, hopefully nothing will happen though
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yea that's silly to trust anyone with all your investments.

    Everyone should be backing up their data regularly. Even your desktop.
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    I think its essential to have several backups. One on a server and at least 1 offline backup (computer, ext HDD, CD/DVD etc). I would never count on someone else (including a hosting provider) to have my backups.

    I'm making my Joomla and Wordpress sites offline anyway so a backup is just a small effort.

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    Always good to have multiple backups in different locations. Even the best host companies can experience issues.
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    Backing Up the site will eliminate this It happen to me once never again.

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    It is extremely naive to place 100% trust in others to do your backups.

    Every web site owner should keep a current copy of ALL of their scripts, plus periodic dumps of ALL of their databases.

    USB drives and external hard drives are very inexpensive. They are very cheap insurance.
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    For those that are running their own servers, a nice handy script called automysqlbackup (AutoMySQLBackup | Get AutoMySQLBackup at is available. This in addition to a daily rsync of the server and you'll find yourself with daily backups of the entire server, including daily, weekly, and monthly database dumps.
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    I feel an overwhelming need to comment here and say:

    Backup. Often. Don't even risk it.

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