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Thread: Best bundle software for apache

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    Best bundle software for apache

    What do you find the best bundle software is?
    Do you always update to the latest version of apache or have you stayed on the same version since installation? If so/not then why? personally I like to be up to date with everything

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    I update using yum, at least try to do updates once a month. Gotta fix those bugs / security vulnerabilities!

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    I think its very important that you update your software on a regular bases. Hackers are always looking for a security hole, and if your running outdated software they are going to find it. I check for updates at least once a week. I think its very important once you have updated to make sure your updates didn't break anything.

    As for bundled software I pretty much run my server box stock. Apache , Sendmail, MySQL, and VSFTP were all bundled with the Centos 4.2 server CD. I do how ever have many custom programs that I have installed on the server.

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    Like Soulwatcher, I run most things stock. But, I do have a few programs on one server that I compiled myself.

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    Does everyone use PHPMyAdmin for database control or do you use the stock program that comes with MySQL? I personally prefer using MyAdmin because they update it frequently and its seasy to use

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    I use the Webmin control panel. And it has its own interface for MySQL. Their really isn't too much Webmin can not do on the server.

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    very important that you update your software on a regular bases

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