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Thread: Converting from Joomla to Wordpress

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    Converting from Joomla to Wordpress

    I found it interesting when I recently discovered people converting from Joomla to Wordpress.

    The attached graphic from Google Trends shows that it's not any sort of mass exodus, but it is happening frequently enough to be noticeable.

    Wordpress is inarguably less feature-filled than Joomla. Migrating a web site from Joomla's system of modules and plugins to Wordpress's system of widgets and plugins is like taking a step backwards in software architecture.

    Still, it appears that many people do not need what Joomla is providing -- and are happy to shed Joomla's frustrating UI and layers of seemingly unnecessary complexity.

    There are tools available to make this migration possible and reasonably painless.

    I am not looking at migrating today, but who knows what the future will bring?

    Here are a couple of the better pages I found on migrating from Joomla to Wordpress:

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    imo wordpress is much better for mostly all types of sites with lots of modifications, joomla is just much easier to achieve websites with multiple layouts, module positioning and diffrent features by installing components and modules.

    I like both though, but will choose wordpress unless I really think joola would be a better option.

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    I tried that plugin once to change my joomla powered site to wordpress one,
    but I used on old site windows-1250 encoding on my database
    and new one is utf 8

    everytime when title of the article contain đšžć script brake.

    any idea how to convert my 1250 database to UTF 8 without losing my diacritics?

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