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Thread: Disable Direct Root Logins

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    Allowing the root user to login directly is a major security issue, we'll show you how to disable it so you can still login as root but just not directly, reducing the security issue.

    This will force a hacker to have to guess 2 seperate passwords to gain root access.
    (you do have 2 seperate passwords for admin and root right?)
    What happens is you'll first need to login as your admin user in SSH, then switch to the super user with the su command to get root.

    We also will be forcing the use of SSH protocol 2, which is a newer, more secure SSH protocol
    Just a couple more ways to help your server stay safe from the bad guys. If you're using cPanel make sure you add your admin user to the 'wheel' group so that you will be able to 'su -' to root, otherwise you may lock yourself out of root.

    1. SSH into your server as 'admin' and gain root access by su

    2. Copy and paste this line to edit the file for SSH logins
    pico -w /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    3. Find the line
    Protocol 2, 1

    4. Uncomment it and change it to look like
    Protocol 2

    5. Next, find the line
    PermitRootLogin yes

    6. Uncomment it and make it look like PermitRootLogin no

    7. Save the file Ctrl+X then Y then enter

    8. Now you can restart SSH
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd restart

    Now, no one will be able to login to root with out first loggin in as admin and 'su -' to root, and you will be forcing the use of a more secure protocol. Just make sure you remember both passwords!
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    brilliant, just what i needed

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