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Thread: Is Drupal Any Good For Cms Or Blog

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    I havent had much time to test it out and not real sure how to install it but is drupal any good for a cms or blogging system?

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    Makes for a decent CMS, not sure it'd be a very good blog though.

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    I think Wordpress would do you better, I have tried it before, but I am not sure if it's used as much. It could be used far more then anything else, who knows, I don't lol.

    Give it a try, who knows, you may actually impress yourself with it, and make something cool.

  4. Drupal is one of the top open-source CMS solutions; Joomla is the other. Drupal is an excellent CMS, though it does require quite a bit of commitment to get the most out of the software.

    Wordpress is a better solution for blogging, because it is specialized for that task and works well out of the box.
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    I've always preferred Joomla! to Drupal but it depends what you want to do really, for blogging then WordPress is definitely the way to go and with a bit of modding then you can actually do a lot of what you can with Joomla! and Drupal but with a much easier admin panel.

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    Drupal is a great CMS to build out a large site SEO site architecture.

  7. Drupal is very good but require more skills to get started.

    I recommend Joomla to build a CMS website and for blog I would go with WordPress.

    If you want to have a CMS website with an integrated blog, then Joomla is perfect for you, because there are lots of extensions for blogging and commenting.

    I use Joomla for more then 2 years and I like it more then any other CMS of blog platform.
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    Drupal is a learning experience which requires you to invest time.

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    I prefer Joomla to Drupal, but both are good. I do not like Wordpress.

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    If you want an easy to learn, but powerful CMS then Concrete5 is very good. But for just blogging, WordPress is the leader.

    The testimonials from Concrete5 users often say they think it is better than most other CMS's that they tried. It used to be a paid product and now it's open source.

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