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Thread: Drupal vs. Joomla

  1. There is one other option for using a good forum package with Drupal.

    You can use aMember for member management, with plugins to both Drupal and vBulletin.

    It's not a real integration of Drupal and vBulletin, but it does get the most important piece done.

    I am currently moving forward with Joomla and Fireboard (plus Community Builder and a multitude of other Joomla extensions). I am still evaluating the option of switching to vBulletin.
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  2. Great post will, here are my 2 cents -

    drupal is more of a content management framework rather then just CMS. If you are a webmaster looking to build a quick website with going too much into programing site of building sites, go with joomla. It has everything but if you are looking to build sites which stands out (so effectively needs lot of time and effort and prgoraming), go with drupal. its backend and API is just amazing and the code is of very high class. It can be extended very easily to do whatever you want.

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    I'm using Drupal 6 for a site and just ran across error codes all over the site. From my research, I've discovered that drupal 6 is not compatible with PHP 5. So, I'm guessing that my webhost has upgraded their server. Anyway, I've been able to suppress some errors. But Views | will not work. So, it looks like I will need to upgrade to drupal 7.

    This is where Wordpress looks more appealing to me. Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 | is a lot more difficult than a Wordpress upgrade.

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    I looked very closely at both Joomla and Drupal. There are some advantages with each if you are building a site with hundreds of thousands of pages, but WordPress still knocks their socks off for building most sites.
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    What is the pain threshold to shift a joomla site of smallish size (80 post equivalents ish) to Wordpress?
    Debating on buying a site, but its in an older version of Joomla, and don't necessarily want it bad enough to kill several days on the process or figuring out how to upgrade it, etc....

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    I see these big CMS scripts as solutions for large membership sites or for people that don't want to involve themselves in any kind of coding. In many cases they will be overkill and result in you being locked into a path of always using a particular CMS for every site that you build.

    For example, the terminology has shifted from "web page" to "post" for many people, even for static content mini-sites. And for even a micro-niche site, they will install a huge CMS with complex admin area that requires regular updates and security patches for all of the plugins and code base. And the script will use a database for all the static pages that could be hard coded, but instead uses a cache that needs to be rebuilt regularly.

    Really high complexity and maintenance overhead for even the simplest of websites.

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    Definitely Drupal is better option. It is a open source that offers huge benefits to update, distribute and share.Using it you will be able to get high profile clients and it will also API support. Drupal web design will have more flexibility.
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    Well to be very honest I like joomla.

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    I have been using Joomla for about a year now, and love every min of it... That said, I have been looking into several CMS's for a major project I have been working on (I am prob going to be using 3 or 4 of them). I have looked into pretty much every major CMS out there, and for what I want to do, Joomla seems to be number 1. I NEED multi-site capability (the whole premise of the project), and Joomla isn't that hard to modify (I did it already actually). The main reason Joomla seems #1 is the fact that it's easy to administrate. I am also going to be using Drupal and Xoops for other parts of the site, but Joomla will be the flagship of it. I am waiting for 1.5 to come out to take the project into full gear, and get it online. Once that gets going, I will get the Joomla end up, and then the Drupal and Xoops.

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    That is a real nice cut-and-paste job, riveral. I found copies of that post going back to 2006.

    For your information, it is quite clear that you've never used Joomla. The current version is 3.2.
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