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    email marketing software

    Group Mail for windows is a great email marketing piece of software. It has helped me selling domainnames to endusers several times. It allows -for example- sending multiple personalized emails at once which is essential if you are sending to tens or hundreds of email addresses.

    Unfortunately, it only runs under Windows. Since I dropped my Windows installation some time ago, my laptop is only depending on Linux. I'm thus looking for an alternative email program but haven't seen anything other than AWeber which is web-based only.

    Who knows of an email marketing program that runs under Linux (Ubuntu)?

  2. Perhaps Turbo Mailer?
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    Thanks, going to check it out now

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    Just for the info. Seems I can run the program under Wine (Ubuntu) after all. I only had to install flash for Windows under Wine which i didn't have before.

    For those interested, here's the link to Group Mail: Mass Email Software - Manage Email Newsletters and Bulk Email Marketing

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    The other common arrangement at no cost e-mail promotion program is a trial offer of the program. In this type of arrangement the full functionality of the program is unlocked for the finish user, so they can effectively assess the performance and capabilities of the program. Usually the only limitations are on the number of allowed promotion list subscribers and on the total number of emails that can be sent in the work of the trial period.

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