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Thread: Fastest way to create 50 cpanel accounts

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    eh, it's a longshot and i'm no pro with php or shell but heres my idea.
    1. googled a WHM account creator. so make a .php file with the following:
    Create a WHM/cPanel Account | Mr PHP
    edit it per needs of each domain. run the script via ssh. then repeat for all 50. guessing it'll take <1 hour max.

    2. get files from nux, and extract OR use server-to-server FTP.

    1. create a shell file with all of the domains in a list something like: (if you have a list, i'd say just use the replace method in notepad to make it work some how.) so you have a total of 50.

    mv /var/www/<>/htdocs/ /eep/home/<cpanelname>/public_html/

    2. zip up all of the contents in /eep/, or FTP server-to-server all of them into the /home/ dir.

    my two cents, i don't really code much - but i see no reason why this wouldn't work.

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    cPanel sets up accounts like /home/username/public_html and if you have an add-on domain it uses /home/username/public_html/ One option might be to create one master account in WHM with 50 add-on domains. The only problem is....

    The fact that the original server has its home directories set up like /var/www/ would make it hard to just zip the whole lot and unzip it. It would be easier if the directories were /var/www/ (without the htdocs folder).

    I take it the original server doesn not use cPanel/WHM because then it would be very simple to transfer accounts from one server to the other.

    I think your way with the script works theoretically. I can't think of any reason off the top of my head why it wouldn't.

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    We've decided to go forward with creating 50 addon domains for an account with the structure like:


    I'll just do a simple script to make the structure...something like this comes to mind
    for i in `ls`;do mv $i/htdocs newstructure/$i;done

    then just goto newstructure and tar...from there copy to the addon sub folder and extract.

    Anyone see any issues with this theory?
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    I found a script on google written in php that parks domains from a list, coding shouldn't be much different to do addons. I was under the impression you wanted a new account for each.

    Just create an .sh file and move them to the correct context, then run the mass addon domain script.

    I'm in class all day or I'd give you some code, sorry dudes.

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