Hey everyone.

It's that time again - the first of the month. The brilliant day where payments are sent out, payments are due, and we have a whole new month ahead of us to improve our businesses. Right now, I am downloading all the raw statistics and data from my websites so that I can analyze them and see where to focus my efforts. I'm also backing up everything... don't want a repeat of what happened a few months ago, that's for sure.

So I want to take this opportunity to remind you:
1. Mail out any bills or payments you have. Don't let them become late!
2. Cash all the wonderful checks you'll be receiving.
3. Analyze your website statistics and data.
4. Backup everything you have!
5. Vote in my new poll, located at the top left here.

Enjoy the month of April, everyone.

Feel free to post here and tell us what you do on the first of the month.