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Thread: Good Shopping Cart Software?

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    I have been wondering about opening a small shop operating with a good trustworthy shopping cart software?

    I have read reviews and all that but don't know what's best for me.

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    OSCommerce is in fact an acceptable solution, yet it's terrible to customize and all those ready templates suck in terms of editing.

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    I developed a shopping site called Venus Accessories based on the Cube Cart script about 6 years ago. I did some digging around as to what free shopping cart scripts were available, and this one appeared to be the easiest one to work with.

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    Download Magento, you'll love it :P

    Magento is great for fully fledged stores, but you can use it for simple ones to. Just be aware that it can be a resource hog if not set up right.

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    Hi Stylosa

    Magento is great for fully fledged stores, but you can use it for simple ones to. Just be aware that it can be a resource hog if not set up right.
    Have you compared this to Concrete5? I recently came across these scripts and want to get better acquainted with them. In particular I am thinking about providing an implementation service to clients that want to set up stores.

    A lot has changed since I last set up a store site I think.

  6. It depends on how much you want to spend. I use Mals Eccommerce becuase it is free and works well for me.
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    how abt wordpress with wp e-commerce ? pretty good and simple to use or Prestashop ? is really simple compare with magento and OScommerce ...

    u can have a look of my prestashop here : (my fun test site) is pretty easy

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    Has anyone here tried BigCommerce?

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    OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, and X-Cart are excellent carts, however requires an extensive amount of customization to get going with it imo. I personally really like Magento (as its free) and out of the box makes for a very nice web cart. If you need more support and have a reasonable budget I would also checkout Volusion or Big Commerce. We have worked with a number of these carts and they all have their pros and cons. Here is an easy to use web cart comparison page thats updated constantly and pretty accurate it should definitly help you pick a cart: Picking e-commerce software / webcart Selection Guide

    If you are not particularly tech savvy and have some sort of budget I would suggest a hosted cart (Volusion,CS-Cart,Shopify etc.)
    If you are tech savvy,are comfortable setting up a website yourself and looking for something free I would use a self hosted solution (Magento, ZenCart etc.)

    Let us know if theres anything else we can do to help.

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    I use Zen Cart. It is a pain in the rear to learn, but it has been rock solid and reliable.

    Zen Cart is based upon osCommerce, but it has been greatly improved, it is updated regularly and it is free.

    You do need to be tech-savvy to work with Zen Cart.

    I will have to look into Magento.
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