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Thread: Goodbye Google Analytics

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    I wonder if it's possible to use this tool to provide an analytics service for members of a site that you own? So the domain data is only displayed to the domain owner and not the whole community. I may see if I can tweak it to do this.

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    I'm using it on one of my sites. However, the number of visits and other data is not matching up with AwStats and other than the graphic representation of the data, there really isn't much data that I do not already see with AwStats. The graphic representations are very similar to Analytics.

    It is under-reporting the unique visits, but that could be due to the JavaScript code not detecting spiders.

    It is a nice alternative to Analytics.
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    Looks good, but I'll stick with Google Analytics.

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    and what information exactly you don't want to share with Google? Birthday quotes?!...

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