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Thread: How to access the .htaccess file?

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    How to access the .htaccess file?


    I wanna know how to access .htaccess file
    I have heard that we can even fake the PR of our site using it
    Well can anyone tell me how to access it?

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    You should make it yourself, redirect it to a website that has a big PR and than upload it. Ofcourse this will be shown as 'fake pagerank' and it won't help improving your website in our uncles' search engine (Google).

    I hope you won't take this step as it will screw up your website
    |Nico Lawsons

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    You got me wrong I think you didn't read the thread fully.
    I was looking to create a .htacess file - there are a lot of uses of this file. I mentioned the example of faking PR just to get an idea. Do you know how to create .htacess file ? Will it be already there? Is it necessary only in the root? Or in every folder?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by intelli View Post
    Do you know how to create .htacess file ? Will it be already there? Is it necessary only in the root? Or in every folder?
    You can create a .htaccess file with any text editor.

    Your hosting company may or may not have created a .htaccess file for you already. Don't ask us -- look.

    It is not necessary at all -- depending upon what you want to do. I usually use them only in the root directories of each web site, but they can be used in subdirectories.

    Read Apache Tutorial: .htaccess files for details.
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    I'm sorry, I misunderstood indeed And if you can't find the file even after you made it, your FTP software (including FireFTP) could have hidden (Don't know if hidden is correct) it, but you can enable to show it in the settings
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Most Hosting companies will have it automatically in the public_html folder. TMZHosting and other will have it there.

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    Why would you want to fake the PR for your web site? You have to redirect the domain to another site for a period of time to do that.

    Fake PR will do nothing to boost your site's rankings. Plus, it is only temporary. Think about it before you do it. Fake PR is most commonly used to boost PR when you want to sell a domain name and intend to scam someone.
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