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Thread: How to change your domain without losing your search engine ranking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    I did everything properly, in fact this was the second site I've redirected and the same thing happened with the other one.
    Just spoke to Will. Sounds like he routinely migrates his sites to new domains with minimal to no traffic loss.

    All I can suggest is that you talk to him and see what's missing?

    Diet Fads

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    Yep, I guess I'll do that.
    I was checking my logs and found something curious, after redirecting those sites Google images traffic just vanished (absolute zero), so I think there's something different that must be done about that.

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    Definitely keep us posted as to what you find!

    Diet Fads

  4. It looks like one of these might be the case:

    • A Google penalty happened coincidentally at the same time.
    • The "new" domain was penalized before you bought it due to actions of the previous owner.
    • Google accidentally screwed something up, again.

    I hate to say this, but I'd file a Reconsideration Request. If that failed to work in 30 days, I'd undo the 301 and keep using the old domain.
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    I would consider redirecting the specific pages to new URLs. Especially if the site has a lot of deep links.

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