Yesterday I took a look to my mailbox and it said I had 15,000 unread emails. Those weren't all spam mails, most were just confirmations which I don't read, but I don't spend time removing them neither. Anyways, I started removing those unread unnecessary emails yesterday though.

I'm currently at 2100 unread mails. A quick search for 'Happy Birthday' and 'Proxy' made me see that there are many useless emails for that, I removed them all.

I do get 2 emails daily though for InfinitumHost with the latest updates (invoices created, clients, earnings etc.) and I put those in a seperate map. I'm wondering how you people get your inbox clean? It's more difficult than it looks IMO

On a side-note, I've found many emails already with great information that I should keep with scripts, books and much more! It's pretty cewl

What did I do now actually to keep my mailbox more clean:

  • Stop subscriptions I didn't read anyways (Like Shoemoney, JustDropped..)
  • Remove Happy Birthday wishes from forums
  • Remove automatic 'your link has been submitted' emails
  • and ofcourse other useless emails I found too.

Please talk about how you keep your inbox clean.