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Thread: How to get emails automatically forwarded

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    How to get emails automatically forwarded

    I have a hosting account with hostagator for the site - Proxy Listing Site
    I wanted to know if there was any way in which I can create several accounts, such as and but then make any emails they get sent to my main email account which is gmail automatically.

    (I am guessing this is the wrong place to create this thread, moderators please move it to the correct place)

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    In your cPanel scroll down to the mail section and select forwarders and follow on screen directions. Can also set up a catch all on your domain so even if a email is sent to you would get it.

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    Hey, thankyou very much.

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    Yeah, I have that same thing setup as well through cPanel. Then, if you use Gmail you can just have each message that comes in labeled based on where it comes from (example: e-mails from could be labeled sales).

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