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Thread: How to install - "Awstats"

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    Installing awstats is a piece of cake. Here is the steps...

    Login to Root

    root@localhost [~]# wget ... ts-6.1.tgz

    root@localhost [~]# tgz -xvzf awstats-6.1.tgz

    root@localhost [~]# cd /awstats-6.1/tools/

    root@localhost [~]# ./ (Follow the Setup prompt)

    Awstats is now installed on to your server. If you have any questions feel free to email me or post a reply in this post.

    To learn more about awstats check out
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    thanks very much you have wonderfull work
    i prefer to create new topics contain all links to this webmastertopics

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    This is for Hosts....

    Nice good.. Although I can find this in google with 1 click :P

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    does this happen within a couple of minutes or hours?

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