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Thread: How Slow is Your Web Site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    My Brute Game took only 3.75 seconds. Fastest blog in town
    No it's not. xD Read my post above. I've got ya beat, man.

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    I use to the server speed test, but I am guessing this would be more accurate than that. It also has more options to choose from.

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    1,137 takes 1.94s to load, and my web host takes just 0.87s to load (hint hint )
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  4. My new blog takes a little less than two seconds to load. I consider that to be a success. Props to you, Will.Spencer, for finding this site. It's a great tool to determine visitor patience.
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    <!--Script Execution Time: 0.00715 | SQL Queries: 8-->

  6. #16 came in at 0.28s average. Not bad

    That's a handy tool that will help in optimization. Especially things like adding cache and such.
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  7. is this accurate or what? 18.25s is jusst too long, what probably is the cause why my site loads too long?

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    My load time is around 2.56 seconds.

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    My insurance broker page average load time after 10 runs is 0.96s while the new shortening service I am working on is 0.35 sec

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    This tool really shows the effects of building large pages. The NetBuilders home page now takes an average of 7.06 seconds for WebWait to load. That's considerably longer than when we had a much smaller front page.
    I just tested again and our average load time after 5 runs was 2.35s.

    It appears all that optimization I've been doing might be having positive effects!
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