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Thread: How Slow is Your Web Site?

  1. How Slow is Your Web Site?

    WebWait is a useful tool for determining how slow your web site feels to your site visitors.

    You can tell WebWait how many times to load the web page, and how long to wait between web page loads.

    This tool really shows the effects of building large pages. The NetBuilders home page now takes an average of 7.06 seconds for WebWait to load. That's considerably longer than when we had a much smaller front page.

    The numbers can't be used for comparisons with actual real-world load times. Even from Singapore, the NetBuilders home page doesn't take anywhere near 7.06 seconds for me to load. Instead, the numbers can be used to compare with your competing web sites and with different versions of your own pages.

    It's useful, but it's not perfect.
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    Cool tool Will. Have you found a "magic load number" that results in loss of viewers?

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    My proxy hosted with TMZhosting takes 2.5s to load..My personal blog hosted at LaceHost takes 3s to load..

    If my memory is with me, then I guess used it sometime compare the proxies hosted at TMZHosting, Lacehost and FusedHosting

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    Try out PageSpeed Firefox Add-on from Google, or Yslow from yahoo. It can show what files should be optimized or if you should use parallel downloads using multiple host names. (like , ). What files should be cached, or removed.

    you can also greatly improve page loading by combining all the small images into a sprite and referecing them with CSS. They call them CSS sprites.
    Here an example of one I created for my sites

    oh yeah it can tell you how up to a few milliseconds how fast your site loads. Which is why I'm mentioning it. Its alot more accurate. That site Will is mor ea gimmick but nice. But not really worth to be taken seriously.
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  5. Out of 8 test on my main forum, the average was 2.32 seconds.

    I like those numbers.

    Cool site, thank you will.

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    That's awesome! I have satellite internet, so sometimes things load quickly and other times very slowly. Netbuilders never gives me any difficulty though.

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    Those are just two interesting examples. I don't have anything that takes more than 2s. (If I do, I'll get that number down!)
    I'm crazy about efficiency and optimization. Never shall a CSS file go unoptimized! xD

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    NB doesn't take anywhere near 7 seconds for me to load, if it did, I probably wouldn't visit
    my average time for vBsetup was under 2 seconds
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    Mine one blog took 17.6 seconds while another took just 2.7 seconds !

    - Digital -

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    My Brute Game took only 3.75 seconds. Fastest blog in town

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