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Thread: Installing Pico on FreeBSD

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    Well it was quite pain :blink: (as a newbie) installing Pico on FreeBSD, but heres how to do that quick.

    Login to SSH as root.

    Sometimes, direct root login is disabled. Do this then,

    # su -
    # password: [Enter your WHM root pass]
    # [Hostname]: [Ready to work ]

    To Download ports:
    # /stand/sysinstall
    - Go to Configure (post install)
    - Go to Distributions
    - Select 'ports'
    - Select 'ok'
    From there select FTP transfer ( is ok) and it should download the ports into /usr/ports. When it's done, just exist sysinstall and run the commands I stated earlier.

    It'll take a while to download.

    after its finished downloading, do this:

    # cd /usr/ports/editors/pico
    # make install

    and it'd install it for you.


    Hope that helped
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    Another option, avoiding sysinstall (quite strange to use if you have not used before)

    #Fetch a compressed snapshot of the ports tree
    portsnap fetch
    #Extract fetched snapshot of ports tree
    portsnap extract
    #install the pico port
    cd /usr/ports/editors/pico
    make install
    Or, another route is simply:
    pkg_add -r pico

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