Well it was quite pain :blink: (as a newbie) installing Pico on FreeBSD, but heres how to do that quick.

Login to SSH as root.

Sometimes, direct root login is disabled. Do this then,

# su -
# password: [Enter your WHM root pass]
# [Hostname]: [Ready to work ]

To Download ports:
# /stand/sysinstall
- Go to Configure (post install)
- Go to Distributions
- Select 'ports'
- Select 'ok'
From there select FTP transfer (ftp.freebsd.org is ok) and it should download the ports into /usr/ports. When it's done, just exist sysinstall and run the commands I stated earlier.

It'll take a while to download.

after its finished downloading, do this:

# cd /usr/ports/editors/pico
# make install

and it'd install it for you.


Hope that helped