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Thread: Joomla

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    Hey people,
    What do you think of Joomla as a content management system?:yay:
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    I did try it out on a sub-domain a couple of months ago. Its a bit complex for newbies, but when you understand the modules and all other settings / functions, everything is quite easy to manage.

    Haven't installed it on any 'live' production environment, yet!
    I prefer a vB instead.

  3. Joomla all of us know, is the best CMS
    It really is No.1 but i don't like his content
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    I tried it but it was too complicated and I needed a simple site so i used Wordpress as a CMS.

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    Yes WP is very easy to use i learn it in 2 days But joomla is very stable and used for big portals

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    I have used it before, i like it, but yeah...i don't use it anymore.

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    Joomla is a bit complex when compared with Wordpress. But with this complexity, it is more powerful than wordpress.
    For sites with simple requirements, I always prefer WP with it's plugins and for complex sites, I go with Joomla....

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    I tried to develop website in Joomla... It was bit complex for me wrt Wordpress . Joomla is good for heavy web portals

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    I'm planning to put up a article site with joomla. WP is a better for blogging.

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    I haven't used it either but as to what i have read with feedbacks from other web developers, it's great but they say that WP is still more user friendly than joomla when it comes to blogging.

    Hope that i would have the time to learn to do with joomla.

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