Hey guys,

I am having a bit of trouble with the transaction emails on Magento.

My business offers a disc repair service (Professional DVD, CD, Video Game Disc Repair Service | Discs Like New, so the fulfillment steps are different to most product based ecommerce websites.

For example instead of the following steps;

1) Payment made (Processing)
2) Order confirmation email sent (Processing)
3) Item shipped (Complete)

I need to do the following;

1) Payment Made (Processing)
2) Order confirmation email sent (Processing)
3) Freepost envelope dispatched (for customer to ship discs to us in)
4) Disc received
5) Repaired discs dispatched

As far as I can see there are only two things I can do - send them an Order Confirmation (Send Email) and Freepost Envelope Dispatched (Ship) - I then run out of steps?

Any idea on how I can get around this, it's pretty important to keep the punters informed as our process is a little more complicated than most ecommerce websites.