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Thread: Managing Multiple Websites

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    Question Managing Multiple Websites

    I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes...

    For those of you with multiple websites, primarily adsense-based niche sites, how often do you check on your websites when they have good rankings?

    Also, what things are you checking for when you check them?

    Do you check to make sure backlinks you built are showing up?

    Do you check to see if your content is scraped?

    Do you check to make sure no one has hacked you and installed malware on your site?

    Do you check your rankings?

    Do you check out the competition?

    What are some good things to check and how often should we check them?

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    The most important is to check the earnings daily. Seeing a drop in earnings tells you right of the bat to check for other problems.

    Make sure that you have a contact email and check that daily. Google will send you an email if malware is detected.

    As for the competition, don't worry about what they are doing as you have no control. The best thing to do is to keep building links and content.

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    Thanks Bogart for your reply. Any other things you check for, maybe not daily?

    Any other opinions?

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