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Thread: Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC)

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    Exclamation Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC)

    I spent days trying to find info on TSAC and I was hoping one of you might be able to answer a question for me:

    Has anybody ever managed to figure out how to force a console port when using TSAC (Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client) ?

    I know when connecting via a shortcut (or via command line) you can use this for example to force a console connection (using remote desktop connection):

    WINDOWS XP SP2 and earlier

    mstsc /v:111.222.333.444 /console

    mstsc /v:111.222.333.444 /admin

    But can that be done with TSAC ?

    If you know how, and if that is possible can you tell me how to do that with TSAC web client please?

    Thank you
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