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Thread: Multiple Site hosting in the UK

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    Question Multiple Site hosting in the UK

    Hi, I just brought myself 5 domains... at last! and now want to find some decent hosting. Out of curiosity what would be your first step into actually hosting.

    Can I host all of these domains on one web account without problems?... I will be adding more domains over the next few months and would like to keep this in mind and preferably keep all hosting in one place so its easy to manage. is this good?

    So can I get some pointers of where to go from here and then in the UK maybe some people give me a shout as to good places to look. I'm thinking maybe less commercial so the customer care is better but I dont know as I'm new to this.

    Cheers all.


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    I have just noticed the thread below asking about hosting but I would still like to know where to start... i.e what type of hosting I will be needing and maybe a little note on how to do it? with the multiple domains.


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    If you're in the UK an want to deal with a UK based hosting company I'd be tempted to look at EUKHost and Pickaweb, both of whom are very well known to me, I use EUKHost for 5 of my sites and they've been brilliant. A friend of mine uses Pickaweb for about 50 sites and says the same thing about them.

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    Thank you elbandelero,

    Looking at these I'm confused about the domains. I get the fact it wants me to change my nameserver to point to the new hosting, thats fine... but what about my other domains. I want them on one package as they will not be large enough to warrant full packages each as they are litterally a few pages large.

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    Yes, you can add them to one hosting account. Just use the 'Add On Domain' feature in your CPanel.

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    As 1901gt says, open one account, but then once you've logged into their cPanel you have the option of adding multiple extra domains using the Add-on Domain feature. You'll need to point the domains at your registrar before adding them in the cPanel.

    After that just use the file manager that comes with the hosting or an ftp client and a few moments later all your sites will be live on the new host account.

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    Cheers guys. Much apreciated.

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    The servers must be located in UK?

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    no. not particularly... although paypal isnt working and my card isnt a worldwide one like visa so UK is easier and less complicated to get.

  10. You can always go for - they're like all over already.

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