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Thread: Need help with my site

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  1. Need help with my site

    One of my site is loading fine when I use proxy but its not loading when i just type in and check the website,I used Hot-Tracker to check the site,its loading fine there too...what could be the problem??

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    Your browser's cache is displaying the single instance where your Web site possibly experienced some downtime? Your ISP has performed a service upgrade and not all hostnames have yet resolved? With the details provided, it could be anything.

  3. What's the URL?
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  4. also, try a traceroute.
    in XP:
    click start, run and type in "cmd" without the quotes. click okay. type in tracert <yourwebsitehere> and hit the enter key.

    In Vista:
    Click start, type in "cmd" without the quotes. hit enter. type in tracert <yourwebsitehere> and hit the enter key.

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