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Thread: Pocket Putty

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    Pocket Putty

    As most of you know Putty is probably the best SSH Terminal you can use with your window$ box.
    A few years ago when I started all this web-adventure I searched for some way to remotely (and I mean REALLY remotely) administrate my server, and found Pocket Putty.

    PocketPuTTY Homepage

    If you have a PDA and a GPRS connection you must have it installed as it'll protect your head from further aches!

  2. I just need PocketSSH or PocketVPN to go with it.
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    This is actually infinitely cool. All I need now is a phone I can run it on...

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    Now that looks very useful, I'll have to remember to give it a shot once I find out what it's compatible with.
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    pocketputty does not work in WM6 the last time i tried it.

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