Hi All,

I have been conducting online software trainings from some time.

Now to give better training experience to my trainees, I want to give them online demos as well, that they can use 24*7. I am looking for a good content management system which can help me doing that.

I saw some LMS's like moodle.org and then software like Articulate.com but am completely lost with all the lingos and don't know where to start.

I have following questions. (I didn't get impressive results on Google)

1) What is the difference between an LMS (ex moodle.org) and softwares like Articulate?

2) Say, I purchase Articulate, do I need to mandatorily integrate it with an LMS?

3) My requirement is that

i) my trainees should be able to log-in to my site and access the trainings demos 24*7.
ii) I also want to create standalone demos for the clients.

Appreciate ideas from the expert webmasters here.