Drupal has a fairly annoying policy of making page titles which look like this:
Topic of Page | Name of Site
That's not great for SEO, so I went looking for how to fix page titles under Drupal.

I guessed that I would need to find some option hidden three layers deep in Drupal's complex menu structure. Instead, I discovered that I actually had to install two separate modules into Drupal to edit page titles.

First I installed the Page Title mod. That required the Token mod before it could be enabled.

Next I enabled both modules. Nothing happened. No new menu items magically appeared. Ahh... I have to give myself permissions to see the new menu items. What-ever.

Finally I edit the pattern for page titles.

[page-title] | [site-name]
This process just seemed unnecessarily complex to me. It made WordPress look even better as a CMS.