I am pulling my hair out trying to find this type of video player.

Please watch this video to see what it does.

This type of video player is on a bunch of site that all offer video hosting site.

Most of the site that have this type of player want between $15 / $40 a mo. That includes video hosting.

I don't need the video hosting. I have that set up already. I just need a player that can do what you see in the video.

Here is what I have been searching for.

I have been trying video hosting script, video hosting clone script, all I am finding is youtube type site scripts.

I have also think I have searched every streaming video player out there.

Why have I been searching for scripts? I would set my own site up so I can control it.

Why do I want my own player? Easy, if their site closes all time done for setup is lost and every post on my site would need to be re edited.

I have also posted ads on tons of forums for a "Wanting a hire coder" and have gotten NO reply yet

Can some one help please

What other search should I be trying? Someone has got to have a player for sale or a script for sale you would think.