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Thread: Setting up Apache/MySQL/PHP

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    Setting up Apache/MySQL/PHP

    I used to have an all in one program that would set up the above things on the computer all at once, but I forget what it was called.
    Possible LAMP, but I could be wrong.

    If I install these using LAMP, is this the best way to do it for a beginner?

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    Install the packages that come with your distrobution of Linux. I don't think there's an all in one package like on Windows, I could be wrong though.

    What distro are you running?

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    I would say the best thing for you to do is install Centos, or Fedora. They are both free. Install Apache, Postfix, MySQL, and Vsftp right from the cd. Then install Webmin to manage your server. Its as close as your going to get to Windows like GUI. The Webmin GUI makes navigation of the OS a breeze.

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    fedro is the best,,,,,

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