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Thread: Spammers + Brain Damage = Connection?

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    Spammers + Brain Damage = Connection?

    Today I just decided to take a look at what was in my Askimet queue for my make money online blog and found several comments like the one in the picture below. What would lead a spammer to believe that a comment like that would not be discovered? Seriously, it seems like they're not even trying anymore. I miss the good old days when you couldn't tell if a comment was spam or not. Now it's just so obvious that it takes away the excitement!

    Either way, we're lucky to have Anti-Spam plugins for Wordpress.
    Oh, and look closely at those links - most of them are linked to forum threads! Go figure.

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    I think they are just playing the numbers, hoping that 1 in 100,000 will work.
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    Yeah that is quite ridiculously isn't it. The spammers are probably getting pretty desperate and are aiming for big numbers like 1 in 100,000. Just like how they do with email spamming. Askimet is pretty good. Its a Lojack solution. A captcha is a club solution.
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    I agree, it's a numbers game. Akismet is not turned on by default and as a consequence there are lots of blogs that are not filtering out spam very well. So they run automated tools that post to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of blogs and of course a certain percentage of them will show up on the sites. The fact that we are seeing so much of this is evidence that it must be a profitable practice for them.

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    People doesn't know how to spam these days... (this is the good thing ) I had a lot of these messages, and I don't know what they are trying to accomplish when they know that the message will be deleted...

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    Spammers are greedy. You'd link that they would be happy getting one backlink.

  7. Since its all automated, there is a chance they find a blog that doesn't moderate comments and they've hit the jack pot.
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