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Thread: Stages Of An Online Project

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    Stages Of An Online Project


    Stages of an Internet Project

    I saw an interesting thread on Forum Promotion I thought I would use it here for the forum.


    *You’re thinking of what the project could be good and unique. You’re also mapping things out. Normally with huge projects you can also discuss it with other developers of the site.

    Development/Construction: *

    This varies depending on what project it is so I’m going to use an Online Forum for example. You have the plan sorted out so now you are going from your idea and adding some forums and mods, perhaps even creating/coding of your own features.

    Beta Testing/Error Fixes:*

    Now that you have gone over your idea it is time to start beta testing with a few users. A great place to look at is a some promotion and admin forums, try * or Admin Talk - Forum Administration Talk *request for a few posts in the Post Exchange section and do a exchange ask them to help find some bugs help do a few upgrades to make the forum look better and more professional.*

    Releasing To the Public:*

    Yay! If you have made it this far you are doing great in progress go to a few other forums go in the A *Show Us Your Website* Section and let people know your forum is open and exists, there are millions of forums out there so changes of them find your forum is very slim.*

    Advertising Your Forum:*

    Now that you have opened you can now ask users to join your site, A good way to do it is add a link to your signature depending on what the rules of that forum is add your link on there and be active on a few forums, if they see that you are participating in the community they might even check out your site.

    Thanks for Reading

    Part Two Is Coming Soon!*

    Hope This Will Help You,re Forums Journey On The Way To Success

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    Spudster Of

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    Nice way to spam in your forum link!

    Do you allow this on your forum?
    To come in and spam links?


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