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    TikiWiki is one of the many open-source applications available for building wiki's.

    TikiWiki is one of the PHP-based wiki's, but it is most interesting because the developers are trying to make it into a comprehensive CMS application.

    TikiWiki provides the ability to include all of these features in your web site:

    • Wikis (like Wikipedia)
    • Forums (like phpBB)
    • Blogs (like WordPress)
    • Articles (like Digg)
    • Image Gallery (like Flickr)
    • Map Server (like Google Maps)
    • Link Directory (like DMOZ)
    • Multilingual (like Babel Fish)
    • Bug tracker (like Bugzilla)
    • RSS feeds (in & out)
    • Free source software (LGPL)

    You could install TikiWiki and have all this -- with only one management interface.

    I have one TikiWiki instance installed, but that project is on hold. I will probably be working with this more in the future.

    Some good resources on wiki software:

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    any demos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    any demos?
    I have a demo on my site: Tiki Wiki

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