I don't know what this is but I am getting tons of odd emails over 100 just yesterday.

Each email if from a different person all the emails are coming from my contact form.

Here is a sample of two of the emails.

Can someone please tell me what this is

Name: ghncmmc
Email: conbcb@ukpcfa.com
Web URL: http//pveofmykholj.com/
Message: LqgjFU  <a href=\"http//qlaopuaxjldm.com/\">qlaopuaxjldm</a>, http//mesvnvgxnchj.com/]mesvnvgxnchj[/url], [link=http//bwkfegykbenv.com/]bwkfegykbenv[/link], http//qvlzhvfimhzf.com/

Name: vtgvkvhth
Email: fjjlxm@boskmg.com
Web URL: http://npidoujjojqs.com/
Message: sJiLcK  <a href=\"http://pxbekryehjkp.com/\">pxbekryehjkp</a>, zskgsmuhqofa, [link=http://caosovqdfqea.com/]caosovqdfqea[/link], http://qeqkhjgaklef.com/
Thanks in Advance

Butterflies Forever