Email Piping: Google Apps - WHMCS Documentation

I am trying to connect gmail and my WHMCS using POP. However, I am getting the error they mentioned:
An Error Occurred: Can't connect to,995: Connection refused and Host: Email: An Error Occurred: Too many login failures

1. Check that your server's firewall isn't blocking traffic to google.
2. To make absolutely sure that your server's firewalls are not blocking your connection attempts, run this telnet command from your server: telnet 995
I ran a telnet command and it connected fine, and I unblocked Google's IP ( - that's the IP SSH gave me when connecting) on the Firewall. But it's still not working.

The page also mentioned this:

This can be another 'gotcha' as well. Often times this is overlooked by users and, also, server admins. If that command succeeds and no other firewall restrictions are in place, then your connection is unobstructed on your server side.

1. If you are still having issues after verifying the suggested troubleshooting steps above, then you will need to contact google or visit their discussion forums for Google Apps. It is possible they may be blocking your server from accessing their mail servers.
I am really hoping that is not the case, since I have no way of contacting Google (what a bullshit company), and I really don't want to learn how to use my server's mail.

Can anybody please help me out or give me alternate suggestions?