We have all done it, or have tried to do it but failed. Those that have done it, specifically those that have done it more than others know the hassle behind the setting up process, which now as I look back is a simple thing to do, if ya have Cpanel or some sort of PHPMyAdmin Manager.

So the tutorial below is going to walk you through the simple steps of setting up a database, and the login information to go with it. (User name and DB Name).

Step 1. Introduction of the tutorial

Before we start, you need to know how to access the phpmyadmin page. Some where on your control panel there will be a item called Database Manager or Wizard.

Once you find this click it and it will send you to a page where you can setup a user name, password, and db name. Now the picture below will show you what it looks like in Cpanel. Through out this tuorial from here on out, the pictures will show the view through cpanel, but whatever you use, usually has the same concept.

Through Cpanel you will click the Mysql Database Wizard

After clicking this it will show a panel asking you to enter in a database name I have entered test for this tutorial.

Enter the name of what you would like to call your database. My suggestion or at least how I do it to keep it organized, is name my databases after the software I am making them for. So if I was setting up a wordpress blog I would name my db _word (Notice the blank before the _ would be whatever the cpanel adds. _word is the name of the database. Reference back to step 1 picture, as I added a whiteout to the site I was using this tutorial for sorry lol.

Step 2. The Next Step lol.

Anyways, after you give it the name, hit next step. The next page will ask you to setup a database username. Notice picture below:

I would fill the username as a username from your forums, or what you would like to use on the forums.

Now fill in a good password, and after that hit Create User. On to the next step.

Step 3: Setting Privileges

Now, since in this tutorial this would be a setting up for an admin so they can access and edit the db. I will select all privileges and hit next step. Reference picture below.

Step 4: Your done !

Not many steps in covering the basic install of a Database, and now apply this tutorial to the installation of wordpress. The db name and username will be used when installing it, as well as the password.

Hope ya enjoyed the tutorial, and hope it pays off !

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