After years of managing not only my server but numerous others as well, I've learned quite a few nice SSH commands that can save loads of time.


tar -cvvf name.tar files
This command will create a compressed folder named "name.tar" of all the files/folders you list (replace files with things like "public_html")

tar -xvf name.tar
This will extract the tar you made in the previous step

SCP will make moving files between servers a breeze. This command usually saves loads of time from downloading files from FTP, then reuploading.

service cpanel restart
Restart cPanel and a load of other services that cPanel depends on

service httpd restart
Restart the apache web server

service mysql restart
Restarts mysql server

(You can replace the "restart" with either stop or start depending if the service is running or if you need to start/stop it.

That about wraps up most the common ones I use, of course there are a load of others as well such as wget, yum and more but we'll save those for a later post.