I have never done a backup for any site and I don't know anything about backups.

don't blame me...my host does regular backups and has restored them whenever I have needed one...

so I am going to ask a few stupid questions here....


I want to backup my vbulletin.

when i go to "database backup", it says

"Database backup via PHP is only recommended for those with small databases as timeouts may occur. Saving to the server or backup via command line is more reliable."

define "small database"...??

next, there are lot of tables which can be included/excluded.

should I include all tables?


there is another option:

"Backup database to a file on the server"

if i backup on the server, can i later download it to my pc.

while downloading/uploading this file, is it possible the database may get corrupted?


I have a very slow connection.... 192 kbps...how should i backup the site?

I think there are backup options in cpanel too.

can I use those?