After browsing the forums again and seeing some bad news about people that lost their website because they had no backup and their hosting didn't have one too or the other crap I've been searching for alternatives. I won't laugh at them, because I've replaced the files of two sites with the files from two other sites. I thought I made a backup of these two websites but I didn't. The websites are now gone. Maybe I'll create a support ticket to get a backup but I'm afraid they will put back all websites so than I'll have to start over for some other websites But that doesn't matter right now.

I've been Googling and found a backup service website. Their packages are very affordable, even cheap. Since the website doesn't have a pagerank nor an Alexa I'm still unsure if I could trust them. Has anybody heard of them before or not?

Would you trust a 3rd party apart from your hosting provider to keep your backups? Especially when it doesn't have an SSL certificat?

If there is some interest about this website I might go ahead and buy a package to test it out and let you know how things go. But I don't want to waste these Dollars that I could put into a small website

Share the different views on this please, thanks!