Hi experts,

Question: How much ram should an install of Kloxo/LXAdmin use on a fresh install to a vps? I've just got a new vps and it shows 200mb ram used with nothing else on it, no domains or nameservers or anything set up yet and it seems a bit (a lot) excessive to me. As a comparison my current (old) vps is using 82mb ram with over 20 domains, including active web proxies, which is what I'd call normal. Cpanel then yeah, loadsa ram used for nothing but Kloxo?

For the techies and folks that know about these things - specs:

Old vps: 30GB hd, 768mb ram, 600GB b/w
OS: centos-5-i386-hostinabox576 + Kloxo Single Server 6.0.2083 Stable

New vps: 20GB hd, 512mb/1GB burst ram, 1TB b/w
OS: centos-5.5-x86 + Kloxo Single Server 6.0.2085 Stable (& Kloxo installed by support 'cause no hostinabox iso)

Is there something wrong with the new setup or is there some kind of phantom ram eating monster lurking in the machine hogging resources? Or was it installed wrongly? Support say I'm imagining problems and they do it the same to all their boxes. I know nothing of unix/linux etc. I'm more of a hardware kinda chap.