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Thread: What content management system(s) do you use

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    What content management system(s) do you use

    Ok, I must admit, I'm a Wordpress nut! 99% of my blogs use it.

    What do you use?
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    Wink Typo 3.....

    Hello there,

    For one of my websites i use Typo 3.

    NICE features and support.

    link :

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    i use joomla 1.5 for content management

  4. I use WordPress, it is very easy to customize and it has loads of free plugins for virtually any purpose. You can even use it to create websites that does not look like blog, photogallery, etc.

    If my clients request certain feature that I didn't know how to do, 90% of the time, there's a plugin available that enables the WordPress blog to have that feature.

    I have heard that Joomla has certain nice features that can be more useful in business or company websites such as those little boxes that provide preview on what's inside the site.

    Maybe I should branch out!
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    It has to be wordpress for me, it's really simple to use and has a lot of good features

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    Well wordpress works fine for me; I started using it on the recommendation of my friends, seems kin of popular with most bloggers

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