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Thread: What's the best CMS?

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    What's the best CMS?

    Who knows a CMS who have MOD rewrite ?? LIKE dle (demo)
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    I think Joomla is best but little confusable too.
    Wordpress is simple and cool.
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    I'll use wordpress for Tv Online Thx for , Joomla have not Mod Rewrite (

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    as i remember once you said that you like joomla. And now you are saying :midf:

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    No one here has mentioned Drupal, considering CMS i'd say Drupal is the best, even better than wordpress and Joomla if you have considerable programming knowledge.

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    Wordpress is the most flexible yet simple CMS out there today ....

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    Hi Guys, If you want to create any blogs, Wordpress is the best. At the same time, if you wish to create any websites small or bulk (static), Joomla is "the best" tool. There are lot of extensions (4000+) are available. Try it once.

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    Hi Guys, Check this site This site provides video tutorials for most of open source tools.

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    I think Joomla is but I think it needs to be more user friendly like Wordpress
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    What the hell is the thread starter talking about? and the link is to a parked site. I think this is a dead weight thread.
    Why are you guys just mindlessly posting in here. Reminds of low quality DP threads..

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