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Thread: Whats The Best Wiki Software Available?

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    What do you guys think the best software to run a Wiki style site available is?

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    Mediawiki for sure.

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    [quote name='master412160' date='12 July 2010 - 07:51 PM' timestamp='1278957100' post='6484']

    Mediawiki for sure.


    That's the only one I know of

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    Wiki software is a kind of collaborative software that runs a wiki system. MediaWiki and Twiki as general opensource platforms. TWiki is a structured wiki, typically used to run a collaboration platform, knowledge or document management system, a knowledge base, or team portal.

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    I haver some best names of industry, You can choose you one.

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    Thanks for sharing. I am familiar with Wikipedia but not familiar with this software. Today i came to know about that even they have their own software which we can use.
    I will check all of that. Keep sharing some important threads !

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    Since MediaWiki is acclimated to run Wikipedia, by far the better wiki, it is axiomatic that this software is awful scalable and can be acclimated for a top cartage site. It also agency you're not alone amenable for advancement the wiki, so if you get apathetic of it, you can leave, but the association itself can continue. Users of the wiki will also account from getting allotment of a added wiki community, area users of added Wikia sites.

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    If you search on net you will find so many softwares but i think Phpwiki and are best cause i also heard that so many people using that kind of softwares.

    good luck
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    I have used MoinMoin in the past, absolutely admired it. Very hackable, nice features. I set up a ZWiki the added day. Easy abundant to do, has some nice appearance for programmers. If you're deploying for others to use, MoinMoin ability be a acceptable call. If it's for your own use, I strongly acclaim Qwikiwiki; it is lightweight.

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    The primary difference between the types of wikis and more complex content management systems is that wikis tend to focus on content, at the expense of a stronger control of the work flow planning and publishing technologies such as blogs exist in other CMSes.

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