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Thread: Wordpress vs Blogger

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    If we are talking about free blog accounts and free blog accounts at which do you prefer ? Plz post your reasons too. I prefer blogger because they let your more options to customize your blog and also to up any type of ads you like.

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    I prefer Wordpress because it has hot alot of plugin and all....

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    Well yes you can install lot of plugins if you host it your own. Im talking about those free wordpress blog accounts at I don't think they let you install your own plugins, at least they hadn't before.

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    Wordpress, much better with plugins, themese and other stuff

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    I'm talking about the Free Blog hosting which you get at not the wordpress script you get from I don't think let you install plugins.

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    Wordpress, much better with plugins, themese and other stuff[/b]

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    i have used blooger

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    Wordpress sucks. You can be banned any time. You can not publish ads for example adsense there.

    Blogger is very good by my taste, you can point and park there subdomain of yours

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    I like blogger as well. Its free and at least you can put adsense on the site.

  9. #9 and both are equally good and equally not so usefull.

    if you just want to write blog entries like a daily diary you can do that on either of them, but for professional blogging both are not so good as both have too much of limitations in comparison to self hosted wordpress.

    If one cannot pay for hosting its better to go with a free webhost and get a selfhosted wordpress blog

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