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Thread: Adsense Secrets 4.0 (a BIG ebook)

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    Adsense Secrets 4.0 (a BIG ebook)

    I am not the author of this e-book. Mr. Comm is.

    Joel is a big name in the Adsense industry and today, he is giving a 237 pages ebook, that he used to sell at 97 bucks,m for free!

    All I am doing here is to give you the link, that way you won't need to register with your CC in order to get it.

    Here's the link: (Click on ‘request a download ticket’)
    (The file is almost 8Mb.)


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    Thanks the book looks great thus far.

  3. Downloaded it, sure is HUGE!

    Most of it is for newbies, like how to set a blog etc. But the main content on AdSense is very good.
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    This is just thE book I needed!

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