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Thread: Another Free Advertising Day Offer

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    Another Free Advertising Day Offer

    I am in one good mood and Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching.

    So free advertising!

    But for BLOGS only!

    PM me your anchor text and url.
    ONE only per person.

    I will aggregate all I get and put them on a blog about blogs.

    Of course, no adult blogs, no gambling blogs, no crappy blogs, no affiliate blogs and any other blogs I don't like.

    PM me quick, as this ends Wednesday at 2pm my time!

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    Just sent you a PM with details

    Thank you for the offer.


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    Ah....this offer was over Wednesday at 2pm.

    Please do not pm me for this offer, as such pm's will be ignored.

    I may come back later with another such offer!

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    How the hell is it possible that I haven't seen this offer

    I will hopefully see it next time
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Son, you are so far out of it!

    I always offer FREE stuff.

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