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Thread: Another Small Facebook Page!

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    Another Small Facebook Page!

    Small Facebook Page For Sale - I Hate It When Someone Thinks Your Lying, But Your Really Not! | Facebook

    Over 230 fans currently.

    Control of Page will be given to person BEFORE payment if they have 5+ positive feedback.

    Starting bid $1.50, bid increment is just $0.50! Post in-topic to bid. Bidding will end in 36 hours, or when a $7.50 Buy It Now bid is placed.


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    Still for sale!

    Bidding ends 5th August 1pm GMT.

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    This is still for sale.

    The BIN is at just $2.50!

    Buy it now!

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    go to hell...
    u r a scammer, once he took my money and ran away!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyponting66 View Post
    go to hell...
    u r a scammer, once he took my money and ran away!!
    If it's true, thanks for sharing your story!

    But, that's where iTrader is actually for To make it easier for you, here is the OP's iTrader page:
    |Nico Lawsons

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    yeap, thats 100% true..

    but we did not deal here on NB..
    We met on DP, and deal on Yahoo.. but after the deal he refused to gave me my money n blocked me.. he even blocked me on his extratimeforum..
    I trusted him coz once, i bought him this domain "" on godaddy coz he did not has verified paypal, so bought for him n pushed to his account n he payed..
    but next time when he wanted another domain.. i bought him on godaddy, pushed n he ran away..
    I then analyzed his dp iTraders, omg, 5+ negative feedbacks, i did not know that..

    but at the time he just scammed from a .info domain that costs $1.. but scammer is a scammer..

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