Hey everyone.

I just stumbled upon a great website. I received an e-mail about it, and almost threw it away, but I figured I'd check it out. When I went to the site, I signed-up for free. In the member's area, you're able to download 50 free 'audio flairs' - which are great audio clips for your websites and salespages.

It has audio clips about things like: Welcomes, Challenges & Problems, Solutions & Answers, Rehash, Picture/Consider This, Exclusivity and Scarcity, Adjectives, Upsells, Downsells, Popups, Continuity, Percentages, Features and Benefits, Calls to Action and Product Presentation.

They don't mention any products by name, obviously, so you can use them on any or all of your pages! Plus, they are 100% free - I just downloaded them. So anyway, I recommend you go ahead and take a look. I found it useful.

Sign-up using my affiliate link, please!
(Hey, it's free and I just told you about it - it's the least you can do. xD)